Repair Request

To help us as property managers to manage maintenance more efficiently, this form has been designed to make it easier for tenants to provide the information required and have their requests in writing. We value your participation and feedback. 

All you need to do is complete each section of the form and your request will be sent directly to Wentworth Partners. 

 • No logging in required

 • You will receive maintenance request notifications via your email

 • You can easily send messages directly to us regarding your maintenance item by replying to the maintenance request email

Please note your request will go through our regular approval process before being allocated to a supplier. The owner may also ask us to arrange a number of quotes. Your property manager will be in touch if more information is needed. Please keep an eye on your inbox for updates.


Repair Request
Fill out the form below to make a repairs/maintenance request for your rental property.
Typically Suppliers (Tradespeople) will get in touch with the tenant directly to organise when they will require access. Please indicate below if you may need help providing access.
What is the nature of your request? Please provide as many details as possible. You can attach screenshots or photos in the next section.
Attach photos/other supporting files