Company Profile

Wentworth Partners – Leading the Way

Wentworth Partners is a leading Sydney-based real estate agency business that provides a comprehensive property management service as well as a platform for real estate sales agents to become independent business owners.

Our vision is to be the largest real estate agency in New South Wales with a strong network of talented real estate agents operating their own real estate businesses under the corporate umbrella of Wentworth Partners.

Under our licence, real estate agents gain a turnkey solution to owning and operating their own business with access to a broad range of digital tools and cloud-based resources to make transacting real estate easy and efficient.

At Wentworth Partners, our agents are in business for themselves but not by themselves.

Wentworth Partners – A business opportunity for real estate professionals

If you are a real estate agent looking to grow your potential, Wentworth Partners offers you a turnkey solution to operate your own business.

Your ambition for personal success will take you places in the real estate industry with Wentworth Partners.

We are offering you a licence to operate your own business, under the Wentworth Partners corporate umbrella, as well as access to all the necessary cloud-based tools you will need to operate a successful, efficient and highly profitable business.

Take advantage of this opportunity with Wentworth Partners to grow your own business.

If you feel inspired by this amazing opportunity, contact our Managing Director George Savva